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Lost & Found: Your Life

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Joyanne Sloan

by Joyanne Sloan

Have you ever had this experience like I have?

Here is the scenario. You’re going about your day, busily crossing things off your mile long to-do list, when there is an unexpected break in the action.

You might pause, sigh, then take a deep breath and try to come to stillness amidst the frenzied, dizzying events of your daily routine.

In that moment, everything feels very quiet and perhaps even spacious. No sooner do you experience that openness than the following thought rushes in…

“What am I doing here? How on earth did I end up__________” (fill in the blank)

  • in this painful relationship?
  • at this unfulfilling job?
  • stuck in this predicament?

You might try to solve the riddle by looking back over the series of changes and decisions in your past. Still, how it all came to be remains somewhat mysterious and beyond your understanding.

If this has ever happened to you, then you recognize precisely what I’m describing. Such a scenario could have many outcomes. You could assess it, make meaning of it, find fault with it, and place blame on everything and everyone that brought you to where you are right now.

I tried that. We’ve ALL tried that.

OR you could make a DECISION.

You could decide to gather up the story that is your history and set it free. Such a liberation can reveal that YOUR story (and all of our stories) ultimately amount to nothing more than a perceived reality we’ve been telling and retelling to everyone who will listen.

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Suddenly you realize that it remains an unfinished story; one that could be, and perhaps should be, rewritten by your own hand with delightful plot twists and a previously unimagined and delicious ending.

You may then decide to bless the actors that played their parts so well (even the seemingly evil ones). You might give thanks for the challenge and especially the grace that allowed you to be here right now, with ALL POSSIBILITY before you.

Gather up your disappointment and grief and add it to everything that has happened in your life so far; the good and significant as well as the painful and meaningless.


Allow it to float away with your breath filling the sails. Your loooooooooooooong, deep exhale flows out of you as a giant gust of air with the power to deliver you to destinations you’ve only yet dreamed about.

Wash it down stream on a river of your own tears if that’s what it takes. But decide NOW and FOREVER that you will look ahead, focused on the horizon before you. You will focus on what can be accomplished with clear intention and passionate action.

You will be able to choose swiftly between the bitterness of resentment and the sweetness of gratitude for everything that you have learned, and for everyone who has helped you to get to this fork in the road.

You will be able to see clearly now from high above all the tiny details. You will see where you have come from and that everything (and I mean absolutely everything) has occurred to prepare you for what will begin the moment you choose to…

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Choose to release it now. Choose to surrender every seen and unseen loss, hurt, insult, failure, victory, label, mistake and meaning to which you’ve become attached. Do that as often as you have to and do it without judgment.


You can discover the truth of who you are beyond the compulsive need to evaluate and identify yourself. But first, first you have to be STILL. Be at peace with being profoundly lost. And if you can do that, and if I can do that, we will both find that the very Universe has come quietly to our feet.

It is okay to be lost. It is okay to be found. You are safe.


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