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Do you have 3 dimensional power?

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Joyanne Sloan

by Joyanne Sloan

I’m always fascinated by language and the power of words to convey meaning, purpose and intent. Words are mighty indeed. I’m also interested in my perception (which you might share) of some dramatic and global shifts taking place around me. Yes, there is upheaval… but I see much of it as being the result of an ever growing pursuit of freedom. And yes, there is suffering too but I see that more and more, people are using their pain to fuel change personally and collectively.

It seems that this experience is part of something that cannot entirely be captured by words alone. Still, what I want to call it is a transformation from a world paradigm in which people largely feel overpowered to one in which people are deeply empowered. The era of domination is gradually being brought to its knees to be replaced by a sense of individual liberty that people everywhere are starving for.

It is time, in my opinion, to stop SEEKING success in all its forms and to start BEING success in its myriad shapes, colors, sizes and dimensions. That’s what this community is all about. I couldn’t be more filled with excitement or gratitude at having the opportunity to welcome you to this journey of a lifetime. Please share your thoughts with us. Tell me what your feelings and reactions are to the intention I’m holding for myself and for YOU of achieving 3 Dimensional Power.

Dimension #1: Health

This is a chaotic and stressful time of change for people across the globe which affects your strength, stamina and physical well-being. The future we build together depends upon the choices we each make today. We’re dedicated to delivering truly useful content to help you enjoy the true wealth of vibrant health.

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Dimension #2: Wealth

Achieving financial integrity requires empowering yourself around the subject of your money; how you earn, save, spend and think about your finances. We’ll be exploring the topic of lasting prosperity with expert guidance; focused on having a healthy and sustainable relationship with money.

Dimension #3: Happiness

Feeling genuine happiness is a spiritual state in which your mental and emotional wellness are safe and stable from the never-ending impacts of the world around you. A person with mental and emotional fortitude is the one who can move beyond simply enduring life to actively creating a life of their own choosing.

Thank you for being a part of the Express Success Community to connect with others and enjoy the benefits of our collective wisdom and actionable insights.

Please tell us your needs, hopes, dreams and challenges. We want to connect with YOU!

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