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Can you SEE you?

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Joyanne Sloan

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Question: Can you really and truly SEE yourself? You know, as hard as I try to be objective about myself, it can be hard to see my own bad habits and even my own gifts because I (like most everyone) am subject to my own mental filters and beliefs.

And I feel pretty confident in saying “So are you”.

I’ve come a LONG way in recent years to close the gap that existed between how other people see me and how I see myself. Nowadays, I’ve come to have a healthy appreciation for what makes me… ME!

If you haven’t yet come to appreciate YOUR unique qualities, then please keep reading.

One thing you likely don’t know about me is that I totally used to HATE my own name. People would constantly mis-pronounce it. No one else had ever heard the name, my name didn’t appear anywhere. My name had a whole big family story behind it too which was a source of shame for me so I tried changing my name when I was little but that didn’t take.

Eventually, when I was pregnant with my son and looking through baby name books, I actually found my name! It was real and in French, Joyanne means ‘to rejoice’. It seems so perfect and I cried and felt affirmed because my nature is indeed a joyful one.

So, what does your name reveal about you? Recently while surfing the web, I came across a super fun (and totally free) numerology site that actually gives you a really detailed report that reveals a whole lot about your natural tendencies. You can instantly get a report for you, a friend, or anyone really.

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All of the information is based on the science of numbers called numerology. My main number turns out to be a 9. Here’s an excerpt from my free report about 9’s:

“The emphasis of your life path is on finding ways to communicate the divinity of man in a practical context. As many nines are also very artistic, this connection with the higher powers might also be expressed through a talent such as writing, music or painting. At some point in your life you have probably sworn to yourself to make this world a better place. You are extremely compassionate and feel above the matters that you feel causes factions of society to be divided.”

Isn’t that amazing? It’s so true… I am a writer, speaker and podcast host and, I have a fine arts degree. My career is entirely focused on inspiring positive change in others!

The report is so accurate… it’s a little freaky but provided me so much insight and validation.

So, just for fun, why not find out what YOUR name reveals about you? The report comes instantly and again, there’s no cost.

Click here to discover what your name says about your life’s path now.

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