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Working With Joyanne

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By Joyanne Sloan, Certified Coach

By Joyanne Sloan, Certified Coach

Believing Is Seeing

I would like to personally invite you to experience the power of Life & Business Consulting. This is an invitation to YOURSELF; to a deeper knowing that everything you are capable of doing and being exists within you at this very moment. YES, it’s true!

Whether you desire to make a quantum leap in your personal life or fast-track your business growth, having a coach at your side can make your process faster, easier, more joyful and measurably more effective than trying to reach your goals alone.


Beyond Words Alone

I do not consider myself a “conventional” coach because I combine multiple facets of my life and business experience along with my skills as an intuitive and empath.

Listening to my clients occurs at the energetic level even when we’re working remotely. The images I receive through my internal field of vision during our sessions often lead to the biggest “Aha!” and breakthrough moments for those that commit to their own success by hiring me as their coach.

Healing and permanent resolution can and does occur for people, not because I “heal” them but because I facilitate their healing by helping to release the power of their own acceptance, approval and, above all, their own love without limitation.


The Future BelongsHow Coaching Works

You are about to discover how indescribably creative you are… yes YOU! It’s my honor to participate in CO-CREATING the life you have waited so long to live.

Far too many people suffer under the false belief that they are powerless to change their circumstances. They may also secretly question their worthiness of living a life that is satisfying, loving, and blessed with the countless rewards of living on purpose.

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I believe that you have a unique gift to offer the world and I’m delighted to walk beside you on the path to your own becoming.

Private 30-minute sessions are held by phone or Skype. 1-hour sessions are also available on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

As the visionary Alan Kay once said… “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” And the best way to invent your future is with the powerful support of a certified professional coach.


What You Can Expect of Me

The roles of coach and client are equal and co-creative. I’m a certified professional coach not a licensed therapist and will not attempt to provide diagnosis or treatment.

My purpose is not to fix or solve what isn’t working in your life. Instead, I listen compassionately, reflect, ask questions, give perspective, and provide possibilities and resources.

I support you in setting your own agenda, finding your own answers, and celebrating the resulting successes you create. I honor that you always know what’s best for you.


What You Should Not Expect of Me

As your dedicated accountability partner, I will hold the expectations that YOU set for yourself. Change occurs most reliably through new actions repeated over time. For that reason, I will ask you to be responsible for any action steps you commit to taking from one session to the next.

I will hold the space for you to step into your potential which means I will not assume the stories you tell to be facts. Nor will I buy into the fears that keep you stuck. I will continually create the possibility for you to author a life beyond your imagination.

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