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Joyanne Sloan, WordPress Expert Trainer

By Joyanne Sloan, Certified Coach

Work with me 1-on-1 when you need answers and results!

There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing I’ve empowered another person to create their future. If you’d like to work with me as a private client, I’ve currently got a few openings still available. Once my plate is full, I can only accept more students in my group trainings such a WordPress Business Builder

You can book me for individual sessions by clicking the buttons below (sessions are held online via Skype) or scroll down the page for more information about private sessions.




Click to book me for 30 minutes

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I’m not like other coaches…

First of all, I don’t even like the term “Coach” because it doesn’t accurately describe what I do. Coaching is really great and I’m actually a certified coach BUT sometimes coaching isn’t enough, especially when it comes to complicated technology.

The world of Internet Marketing relies exclusively on innovative (and sometimes overwhelming) software programs. These programs, while powerful, can stop you in your tracks if you don’t know how to use them or don’t have the time to deal with steep learning curves!

Because most people learn by doing, I will personally work with you and hand-hold you through the technical aspects of building your online business, website or marketing system. That’s what sets me apart from others who only give you guidance but who don’t actually help you GET IT DONE. 🙂

I will teach any man (or woman) how to fish

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

– Anne Ritchie

More than ever it’s essential that you learn how to be self-reliant. When you’re just getting started in creating a new revenue stream, website or digital product, paying someone else to build it for you can be cost prohibitive.

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target-successMany consultants and coaches will tell you WHAT you need to do but then leave out the all-important details concerning HOW to do it.

Left to your own devices, it’s easy to encounter roadblocks that often feed your self-doubt. That’s where I come in… showing you, step-by-step how to use the technology tools that can literally change your life for the better. We create results FASTER by taking action TOGETHER.

I will help you feel more powerful and confident with technology and replace your fear and confusion. 

Instead of calling this a “strategy session”, I call it a Results Session because I’ve found that my clients need help with the hands-on implementation involved in connecting all the moving parts:

  • Building an effective landing page or lead page
  • Syncing your opt-in page to your website
  • Linking your incentive offers and immediately delivering your free bonus
  • Promoting paid products online and monetizing your website
  • Dozens of other programs and technology you need to build your business online

With my 25 years experience, you can fast forward your progress by tapping into my broad marketing, technology and WordPress expertise.


I’ll help you get unstuck!

I don’t just tell you what you need to do to move your online business forward and then abandon you to do it all alone. I actually get online with you (using an online  meeting tool such as Skype) and show you EXACTLY how to accomplish your goal by actually completing the tasks in real time TOGETHER.

During our session, I’ll be consulting with you, answering your questions, mentoring and guiding you as to what you need to do next. You will be in the driver’s seat; clicking the buttons, building your business and learning by doing! I will be your co-pilot showing you precisely what you need to know and how to avoid common pitfalls that waste your time.

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I will show you how to…

  • Create your first opt-in page using a tool such as Lead Pages
  • Write your Free Report to incentivize people to join your mailing list
  • Set up your Business Fan Page on Facebook
  • Design and add an e-mail subscription form to your website
  • Choose and register an effective domain name
  • Set up your WordPress website and connect them to your other systems
  • Build an automated e-mail marketing system using Aweber or Get Response
  • Put your physical or digital products on your own website and add PayPal buttons to make quick sales
  • Bundle your know-how and professional services then sell them online without complicated shopping carts
  • Add your Social Media accounts to your WordPress website
  • and so very much more!

If you have a question about your specific situation or want to know if I can help you, please contact me here

Do You Want to Build Your Brand or Business? Learn How-To Design Your Own Wordpress Website In My 60-Minute Free Online Training!

Do You Want to Build Your Brand or Business? Learn How-To Design Your Own Wordpress Website In My 60-Minute Free Online Training!

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