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One wild and life altering idea

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Joyanne Sloan

by Joyanne Sloan

What if you felt totally incredible from head to toe? And what if you also looked AMAZING?
What if you really started taking care of yourself like never before and it actually started to show?

How would that affect your confidence throughout the day? More importantly, how would it affect the person you are BEING throughout your life?

Wow, those are some seriously big questions.

Did you know that the word ‘Confidence’ is more than 600 years old and its original meaning was ‘to have full trust’. Therefore having self-confidence suggests that you have full trust in yourself. Imagine that just for a moment… what a wild, life-altering idea!

Perhaps you are not a sinner.
Perhaps you are not inadequate.
Perhaps there is nothing wrong with you.

Unfortunately most of us live in a culture based on media messages that ensure we might never accept, value or be able to stop mis-trusting ourselves. When the media promotes the notion that perfection is real (and even attainable) they may be doing so because perpetuating illusion has proven highly profitable.

And yet, there is a price to be paid when we invariably fall short of an ideal that our culture not only keeps alive but distributes throughout the world using the power of technology. The good news is that technology is simply a tool; one that can just as easily be used to change minds and destinies.

When I wrote the Fountain of Youth report for you, it was for one reason only: because I know that when you are full of life, energy, and joy there’s a distinct likelihood that the unfolding of YOUR potential will forever alter the course of humanity. And you know I’m right…

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When you walk into a room with a quality of true confidence (the kind that can’t be faked), people WILL take notice. We’re not talking about your hair, clothes or designer handbags. We are talking about YOUR LIFE FORCE.

Life force that cannot be contained.
Life force that cannot be diminished.
Life force that cannot be ignored.
LIfe force that changes the world.

Please, take even just one small step with me. I’m on this journey with you, a sincere traveling companion. I won’t pretend to have all the answers or a roadmap. But I will promise to stop and ask for directions 😉

There is one thing you’ve got to know about me before taking this trip together and that is, I’m terminally curious. Honestly, my thirst for understanding is unquenchable. So if you too love to learn, then we’re really going to have some fun 🙂

Keep reading, sharing, feeling and, above all, keep growing!

You are cordially invited to join me for what will certainly prove to be an awesome adventure. But first you’ll need to let go of much in order to fully embrace and trust in yourself. And if you can learn to deeply, divinely trust YOU, then one day perhaps, you will learn to trust others.

Check out this amazing video. Even though it’s only 37 seconds long, it will certainly shatter illusions for men and women alike about what you see in the media…

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