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How willing are you to receive?

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Joyanne Sloan

by Joyanne Sloan

Perhaps one of the most important questions we can ever ask ourselves is “How ready am I to fully receive?”. Have you ever asked that question? It’s actually kind of funny when you stop and think about it. Why? Because you HAVE to be willing to receive, at some basic level, to even wait around for the answer. Chances are good that such a question has never occurred to you because we rarely see our own blocks.

Listening to ourselves is an invaluable form of receiving at its most fundamental level.

In the end, it comes down to whether or not you make up your mind to accept your inner gifts and use them as you were intended to.

What I’m asking is, are you willing to accept the good and the grace that’s available to you right now? Or do you choose to resist all of it by disbelieving, mistrusting and unconsciously bracing yourself from eventual disappointment?

Those forms of resistance create the kind of emotional and spiritual pain you might learn to live with until it becomes “normal”. But it’s NOT normal…

The word ‘willingness’ includes the definition “cheerful readiness”. We’re not talking about being ready to receive someday, but TODAY. In other words, the will IS the way; yet too few of us understand its power.

What’s going on?@#%!

As I participate online, I’m struck by how many people are experiencing massive stress, upset and psychological pain. A few days ago, I came across a post in a discussion group where the person wanted to know how they could intentionally cut themselves without actually killing themselves.

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At once I felt both sick and confused. I wondered why someone would want to do that. I wondered why they would go online to complete strangers and ask for advice on how to do such a thing to themselves.

These cries for help are undeniable to anyone with even a small sense of empathy. And for those of us with heightened sensitivity, the human condition can feel totally intolerable. If you’re one of us, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Are you having the same experience of the world around you? If so, what can each of us possibly do about it (especially if you’re at a flat out sprint just to keep up with your own life?)

dolphin-001To my mind, one possible answer is to make the CHOICE to be a part of positive change, no matter how small you think your contribution may be. I am a force of change. You are a force of change. We all have that power to change the world in which we live if we do nothing more than change our own minds, actions, and the results they produce.

And we can combine our powers to have synergistic impact on the world around us but NOT if we are in resistance to our own power, capability, strength, and goodness.

Where is resistance showing up?

I think it’s fair to say that we all use our life force to resist certain things in our immediate environment. Sometimes we do this just to make it through a certain situation but there is ALWAYS a price to pay.

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This is evidenced by the fact that, anytime we engage in resisting a set of circumstances, we will produce the same undesirable results. And we will do so without recognizing our own self as being the one constant factor in those results.

Resistance has many faces including…

  • suffering through our attachment to “how” things should be
  • clinging to fixed ideas, closed thinking and unproductive mindsets
  • engaging in habitual behaviors concerning food, exercise and ways of coping
  • struggling with disempowerment including blame, resentment and depression

This brings me back around to answer the question about what any of us can possibly do to create change and alleviate our individual and collective pain.

WE can change. I can change. YOU can change. And as we do, our interconnected and interdependent worlds will change too. Try it and see what happens…


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