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Unleash Your Creativity [episode 32]

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Welcome back to another Unleash Your Power session!  I’d like to begin this episode by affirming that the coming year holds great promise and possibility for you. Weather it’s the New Year, your birthday or any day when you consciously create your future, you have an incredibly powerful opportunity to turn inward and reflect upon what’s brought you to this turning point and what dimension of your potential remains in the unseen.

Joyanne Sloan

Joyanne Sloan – Host of Express Success Radio

Rather than creating resolutions for yourself, I’d like to suggest that you set a personal and private intention instead.  Why?  Because resolutions are formal, public declarations about what you’ve decided to accomplish.  Resolutions can be rigid when it comes to reaching a specific goal or not.

I’m guessing that you don’t need a club to beat yourself up with, if and when you fall short of your ideal.  More importantly, resolutions often involve feelings of vulnerability that come from declaring your pledge to others.  That aspect alone may make you hesitate to create resolutions in the first place.

So, what’s the difference between a resolution and an intention?  Intention means ‘to have purpose, to be eager or attentively occupied’.  I believe that intentions are more fluid than resolutions, and can better accommodate the changing dynamics of your life.  Intentions can expand and evolve along with you.

So just to keep things fresh, I’m going to take a fun little detour away from my normal format which I hope you’ll enjoy. So let’s get started on unleashing YOUR creativity…

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Creativity is an essential element to transforming the life you just live into a life you just love.  Creativity is not a thing that you either have or don’t have.  Rather, it’s a capacity; an innate skill that requires frequent use if it’s to gain strength.

One technique for tapping into your creativity is to access the power of imagination.  You can best imagine by taking a short recess from reality.  We’ll do that by way of a guided meditation I’ve prepared for you just ahead.  First, if you’ve never meditated before, I want to mention a couple of things.  Meditation isn’t difficult or scary.  It simply means ‘to engage in contemplation’ or ‘to plan mentally’. And that’s just what you are invited to do; plan the life you truly deserve to live.

So, without further ado, I recommend that you find a quiet place to relax away from all distractions.  Get into a comfortable spot and close your eyes.  A few deep breaths may help you relax as we begin.

I invite you to close your eyes and to open your heart; to take a deep breath of possibility and to allow any doubt or anxiety to dissipate slowly, silently, steadily. And as you inhale, I’d like you to imagine oxygen penetrating deep within you, down to the depths of darkness in which a seed of hope lays dormant. This breath, and every one that follows, will cause this seed to glow as an ember glows, to grow as a seedling grows and to awaken the creative potential within you.

Behold the seed as it swells and ruptures. Take a moment and give this new life a name. Give it the name you’ve been wanting and waiting for it to have. And breathe. Breathe in the air that causes your seedling to unfurl with force and delight. You are its source of inspiration. You are choosing to provide a home and to give nourishment to what is now alive inside of you. You’re feeding this small form with intention; watching the roots develop and take hold; seeing the ways in which the energy surrounding and filling you now cause the leaves to open, to reach and twist and become more.

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Imagine for a moment your favorite flower and notice how this embryonic creation transforms itself into that flower. Envision its exquisite beauty and how that beauty radiates from within and beyond the physical body. See the blossom open gently and breathe. Smell the fragrance of life surrounding you now, flooding the room of your being with a delicate perfume. Hear the breeze as it blows softly by, safely carrying this scent into the broader experience of your life. Its sweetness calls to the determined bees that will pollinate this flower and carry your message to the realm of creativity inhabited by this new emerging life.

And now enter the birds to feast upon the countless new seeds birthed by your ONE; to scatter the fullness and wholeness of YOU from the soft blue skies. It’s a thing of beauty to see still more expressions of you set wild roots amid the garden of humanity; trusting that all you need to do is breathe, believe and begin.

Breathe, believe and begin is the process of living the sacred self and is a matter of your choosing, at all times, in all matters of concern. For when you make this choice once and again, you’re consciously aligning your intention with that of creative energy. And when you’re engaged in marriage to the power of creation, you’re wed to the infinite life force behind every manifestation, great and small.

This knowing is an expression of the divine within you, as you. It is celebration, it is providence, it is ALL. And to return at any moment to the sacred experience of your unlimited creativity, simply close your eyes and breathe.

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When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes and return to what’s around you.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes to make a permanent record, either in your mind or on paper, of what you’ve experienced.  What images did you see?  What invisible facet of yourself became visible in this process?  Everything that appeared in your internal field of vision is the collective fruit of your creativity at work.  And that’s available to you any time you choose to activate that part of your intelligence.  My wish is that the images that came to you in meditation will form a foundation for the private intention you set for the coming year.

And, of course, I’d love to hear about your experience and to have you share this meditation on unleashing creativity with others.

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