Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired? [episode 23] | Joyanne Sloan
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Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired? [episode 23]

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Joyanne Sloan

Joyanne Sloan – Host of Express Success Radio


So… Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?

Welcome back to another Unleash Your Power session!

One of the things that makes coaching really wonderful is the amazing variation of both clients and coaches.  Each client brings their unique history and characteristics to the relationship which makes the coaching process truly dynamic.  By the same token, each coach has their own perspective based on their individual experience and expertise.

One of the elements that I’ve brought to my past coaching experience is my training as a Wise Woman herbalist.  While I’m not in the practice of treating ailments, I absolutely do bring my own understanding of the healing arts into play with everything I do.

It’s no surprise that your energy level has everything to do with success.  Being energetic means having the capacity to undertake the actions necessary to reaching your goals.  My experience and research has made me truly aware of how many of us have a real lack of energy on any given day. Red Bull alone sold $3.4 billion dollars of energy drink in 2013.

One of the definitions of prosperity is to be thriving. After all, health IS wealth. And when all is said and done, can you truly be successful without also being vital and strong? Vitality is the capacity to live, grow and develop. If you’re in a day-to-day struggle with simply living, then securing your vitality will be essential to your future progress and growth. In other words, now is the time to redirect ALL of your energy into a commitment to your health and wellness.

While that may include postponing what you’d hoped to achieve, it’s unlikely that you would be able to produce the results you want if your current energy level is low. In the end, even your ability to enjoy what you’ve accomplished will be directly influenced by your vitality. Your singular focus on this goal is the one thing to which you must commit yourself fully if any of your dreams are ever to come to fruition.

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Guess what? Vitality is a choice! No, you can’t pick and choose the germs that come your way but you absolutely can choose to prepare yourself for the eventual challenges to your health just like I’m dealing with now. This critical step may be the hardest for you to take if you’ve never developed a habit of making your own needs a priority.

Vitality is the reward for choosing yourself again and again in the face of everything else. Life never stops demanding of you so, in order to meet those demands, you must learn how to be self-nurturing in order to claim the prosperity that’s rightfully yours. All the medical advice in the world won’t help if you’re not first dedicated to your own well being.

I can hear you asking… “You want me to put myself first? What about all of my commitments?” My response is, yes what about them? Only when you first honor your obligation to yourself, will you have the fortitude to honor what you are dedicated to.  So many of us have it totally backwards.  We go about life thinking we’re obligated to all the things outside of ourselves when the truth is that you’re fundamentally responsible FOR and obligated TO your SELF.

In other words, you are at the center of your own private universe.  You are the sun and if your sun shines brightly, every one that depends on you will benefit.  And the opposite is also true. By not honoring or choosing to meet your basic need for wellness, you’ll repeatedly compromise your own physical integrity to the detriment of everything orbiting about your sun. So… if you’ve ever needed permission to give to yourself, I hope you feel that you have it now !

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If you’re ready to take charge of your health, it would be wise to do so consistently and incrementally. Radical changes are too difficult to maintain but new habits can be forged with repetition over time. Forget resolving to change because 72% of resolutions fail.  Simply set an intention in writing to yourself, knowing that you’re human and that rigid adherence to rules will only serve to set yourself up for failure.

There are simple methods you can use to recharge your basic energy levels. Start by picturing what being truly healthy looks like. To me, vibrant health is like a bouquet of gorgeous flowers that command the attention of anyone in their midst. I like the idea of modeling myself after flowers because they flowers have the power to perfume the air with beauty and energy.

If you’d like to express the qualities of a flower in bloom, start by thinking like one. Ask yourself “If I were a flower, what would I need?” The answer is simple…. sunlight, water, air, and food or, in terms of the four elements, fire, water, wind and Earth. These are what I call Elemental Energies and they’re as critical to your survival as they are to a flower in the garden. Botanists know that there’s very little that distinguishes the animal kingdom, which includes humans, from the plant kingdom.

In fact, the only cell that separate humans from flowers is something called a chloroplast. A chloroplast is an organelle that allows plants to collect sunlight through photosynthesis and to store that energy in the form of carbohydrates. Because we lack that ability, we’re dependent upon the food energy found in what we eat.

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Once you understand that basic principal, it’s easy to see why a diet of processed food has little to offer in the way of replenishing the energy your body requires. As you can see, spending your life inside of cars and buildings deprives you of the elemental energies your body depends on.

As singer and songwriter Janis Joplin once said…

“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.”

Here’s my 7-day challenge for you:
Today you have a choice… to re-energize yourself and then your dreams and goals. I recommend that you do that at least once, but preferably three times a day, by setting an intention to eat life-giving foods.

Because food naturally contains all four Elemental Energies, what you eat represents the single biggest impact you can have on your overall health, not to mention the health of entire ecosystem! If you approach your relationship with food as you would a romantic relationship, you’ll find that the comfort foods that bring immediate pleasure just don’t make for lasting love.

Wouldn’t you rather have a long-term relationship with what serves you day after day? You can do that by selecting those foods that are colorful, fresh and bursting with the energy that hasn’t been lost through processing. Begin by eating locally grown, organic foods just once a day and you’ll start to notice that you feel recharged by the abundant power in Earth’s endless rainbow of colors and flavors.

Like all of life, this is a process of learning to receive the gifts being offered…. the more you need, the more you need to practice receiving the bounty that is always available to those with the courage to ask for it.

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