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Your Life… Better After 50 with Thomas O’Grady [episode 24]

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Meet Our Featured Guest on Express Success Radio

Thomas O'Grady - Host of Life Unsettled

Thomas O’Grady – Host of Life Unsettled

Thomas O’Grady brings a diverse background including a PhD in Mathematical and Statistical Economics as well as acting as an adviser to Lee Iacocca, Alan Greenspan and top executives at Mercedes, Fuji and Microsoft.

Thomas now brings his same powerful insights from his career as an advisor and consultants to small and mid-sized businesses with his top-ranked podcast called ‘Life Unsettled’ featuring interviews with successful entrepreneurs to motivate you toward a new path and better future.

The Breakdown

Despite consistently testing in the top 1% of his peers, school administrators told Thomas and his parents that he was not “college material”. Due to a medical problem that caused his eyes to cross, Thomas was treated as though he had intellectual deficiencies and was even mocked openly by his teachers and fellow students. He eventually took this to mean that he was stupid despite his extremely high scores; completely lacking confidence or a belief that he was capable of accomplishing much in his life. Eventually, Thomas joined the military where he again found himself being tested to determine his aptitudes and the direction his training would take.

The Breakthrough

The results of the military tests were dramatic… Thomas has a clear and strong ability with languages and was offered valuable training in a prestigious foreign language program with the National Security Agency. Unfortunately, based on his erroneous beliefs about his capabilities, Thomas turned down the offer and left for Christmas break. After sharing his test scores with a couple of acquaintances, they urged him to return to his superior officers and tell them he’d changed his mind and DID want to enter the language program after all. He not only successfully completed the intensive language training but went on to earn a PhD. During his third year of his doctoral program, Thomas was invited by his favorite instructor (a nobel-prize winning academic) to do his dissertation under the professor’s guidance. It was at that point that Thomas finally realized that he did in fact have an exceptional mind and capabilities well beyond anything he’d believed about himself previously.

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The Action Steps

Thomas’ journey from believing what others told him he would never become, to a man with confidence and success took fully 8 years. The action steps he recommends include:

  1. Give 10% More: Commit a slightly greater percentage of your focus, effort and energy to that which you are wanting to accomplish. Push yourself beyond what is expected or “normal” and surprise yourself with what you can produce.
  2. Give Yourself Equal Investment: Apply as much hard work to the tasks and goals you hold for yourself as you would for those jobs you do for others. What could happen if you invested yourself equally in your own endeavors relative to how hard you work for you boss and your family? Choose to impress yourself!
  3. Find and Follow a Mentor: Determine one person who is masterful and who has accomplished what YOU wish to achieve. Master what the master has mastered without deviating from their exact formula for success. After you’ve done that, only then can you begin adapting or changing their process with your own innovations.

Notable Quotes

“What’s without remedy should be without regard. What’s done is done.”      – William Shakespeare

Recommended Resources

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley

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