The Ingredients for Changing Careers Successfully with Darieth Chisolm [episode 27] | Joyanne Sloan
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The Ingredients for Changing Careers Successfully with Darieth Chisolm [episode 27]

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Meet Our Featured Guest on Express Success Radio

Darieth Chisolm, Host of Hustle & Heart TV

Darieth Chisolm, Host of Hustle & Heart TV

After a successful 20 year career as a news anchor woman, Darieth Chisolm made an unexpected move into network marketing and quickly matched the six figure salary she’d earned as a host of local TV news.

This change allowed Darieth to do what she loves including inspiring and coaching others to be the very best. She’s also the host of #1 video podcast called Hustle and Heart TV which showcases the rituals, strategies and steps that highly successful people use to lead, leverage and enjoy their lifestyle.

The Breakdown

After an extremely rewarding but extremely demanding career as a TV news anchor, Darieth realized that the constraints on her schedule would mean not being able to spend time with her son during his senior year of high school. After committing so much of her life’s energy to work, she realized that she was at a turning point; sacrificing this final year with her son before he left for college was simply not  something she was willing to do. The pain and guilt of having missed so much of her son’s games and events made her know that she needed to find a different way and eventually leave her job at the television station.

The Breakthrough

While Darieth was anchoring local news, she’d also become involved with a successful network marketing company called “It Works!”. It was one clear alternative to her demanding TV career but she’d have to work incredibly hard to build a team of people in order to replace the considerable income she’d be giving up when retiring from the station. With her next step in front of her, Darieth’s son came to pick her up at the airport one day. She told him of her plan to change to a career where she would have complete control over her time so that she could be available to her son and be truly present for all the happenings of his senior year. He paused then looked at his mother and asked “Would you really do that for me?” Through her tears she replied “Of course I will, you’re my baby and I love you!”

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The Action Steps

With her son as her accountability partner, Darieth set a firm goal to replace her previous six-figure income in 9 months. Through commitment and consistent hard work, she realized her goal in only 4 months. Here’s what she learned in the process:

  1. Your “why” should make you cry: When taking on a goal that may seem impossible, it’s essential to anchor it with a purpose that’s so BIG, so emotional that it makes you cry. Typically, your biggest WHY is something far bigger than yourself. If it doesn’t make you cry, it’s probably not a big enough goal to motivate you.
  2. Set Clear Goals: Even if your goals aren’t crystal clear yet, be bold and communicate them to others. Set dates and action plans to meet the date you express to others. As you takes each step, things will become clearer and those you tell will support you as accountability partners.
  3. Ask for and Receive Help: Give up the super-hero cape and find some qualified help to enable you to do what you CAN do instead of trying to do everything by yourself. Having a team that shares your vision (your big WHY) is important to the synergy of everyone working toward a common purpose.
  4. Be Imperfect: Do your best and let go of the rest. Perfectionism will hold you back. Put your work “out there” so you can collect feedback and input that will help you make it even better.

Notable Quotes

“You will know who you are with the freedom to be it, you will know what you want with the daring to go for it.”      – Gina Mazza Hillier

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Everything Matters, Nothing Matters: For Women Who Dare to Live with Exquisite Calm, Euphoric Creativity & Divine Clarity by Gina Mazza Hillier

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