Finding the Courage to Change Your World with Ebele Mogo [episode 35] | Joyanne Sloan
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Finding the Courage to Change Your World with Ebele Mogo [episode 35]

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Meet Our Featured Guest on Express Success Radio

Ebele Mogo - Business Strategist, Blogger & Poet

Ebele Mogo – Business Strategist, Blogger & Poet

Ebele Mogo is a business strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs that work at the crossroads of innovation, social change and entrepreneurship. She applies her diverse skills to helping others clarify their vision, develop powerful strategy and to more clearly define, evaluate and finance their business or organization. Ebele is a poet, blogger and the host of Street Side Conversation and the founder of Engage Africa Foundation to help prevent chronic diseases.

The Breakdown

At the young age of 14, Ebele left her native Nigeria to emigrate to Canada in search of higher education. The change in culture, environment and circumstances was dramatic for her, particularly given that she was on her own and taking on some very adult responsibility for her life.

Not only did she successfully complete University, she then went on to earn a Master’s degree in the United Kingdom. After this intensive learning period, Ebele entered into a phase of internship which ultimately led her to begin a non-profit organization. These years in her life were full of challenge for her as she repeatedly put herself “out there” not knowing if she would succeed or fail, or how she would cope with the potential rejection she would face in pursuing her goals.

The Breakthrough

Despite the fear of the unknown , Ebele continued on her path. In so doing, she came to appreciate the fact that, even if she were to fail in her efforts, those experiences would provide opportunities for additional learning. No matter what the outcome, by consistently making an effort to grow and challenge herself, the results she produced continually shaped her work and helped her improve. She ultimately understood that by being persistent, the fear she experienced was always “worth it” because the rewards are so much greater than remaining in her comfort zone.

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The Action Steps

During her studies, Ebele met and was inspired by her peers as well as experts in the field she was pursuing. She had a turning point when she finally realized that there was very little difference between her and those who were shaping the world. She felt entirely inspired by knowing she could equally create the future.

1. Build Strong Connections: Relationships are EVERY thing in Ebele’s mind. She suggests that we give energy and focus to building strong ties to those we want to serve, collaborate with and those who are in a position to amplify the work we’re doing in the world.

2. Begin Where You Are: Identify a single action step you can take now with the resources presently available to you. Ask yourself, what do I want to get done, and what result do I want to see? Taking action NOW will help you to clarify your approach, goals and so on.

3. Understand Your Perspective: She knows that the work she’s doing is valuable and important and that, when she invites others to participate in any form, she’s providing them an opportunity to contribute to the difference she is making. That is a HUGE perspective shift away from asking others from a place of dis-empowerment or that one needs to beg for support of their endeavors.

Notable Quotes

“Criticize by creating.”      – Michelangelo

Recommended Resources

Be the Solution: How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the Worlds Problems by Michael Strong and John Mackey

Connect With Our Guest

Click here to go to Ebele’s website: Streetside Convos

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