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Discover the Power of Trust with Angelica Christi [episode 11]

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Angelica Christie - Mastery of the Soul

Angelica Christie – Mastery of the Soul

Meet Our Featured Guest on Express Success Radio

Our featured guest is Angelica Christi.

Throughout her career, Angelica’s deep compassion has fueled her desire to empower those who are ready to create change by understanding their purpose in life.

She works with clients to adjust their sense of worthiness by healing family relationships that can prove crippling to both the parent and child if it’s rooted in expectation.

Angelica consults with top level executives and managers to create training programs that deeply value employees while producing financially rewarding results.


The Breakdown

Many years ago, Angelica found herself feeling absolutely terrorized by her husband’s threat of taking their children away in the midst of a painful divorce. As the result of suffering this mental anguish and his false accusations that she was an unfit mother, Angelica’s fear was making her physically ill day after day. Ultimately, she reached the place of complete and utter surrender; knowing there was nothing more she could do.

The Breakthrough

Once she had finally turned her fear over to God, Angelica soon began experiencing a level of peacefulness that she had not felt in a long time. From her new peaceful perspective, she was no longer struggling to “figure it out” and suddenly a solution came to her. She knew that if she truly was going to trust a divine energy more powerful than herself, she would have to drop the figurative rope between her self and her soon-to-be ex-husband.

With no intention to manipulate or affect a certain outcome, Angelica told him that she did not want to fight over the children in court and, instead, each parent could explain their parenting intention to a judge and let the judge decide. Once she explained her idea, she simply walked away from her husband to give him space to consider it. 24 hours later, he returned with a completely changed posture to the child-custody battle. He told her “The children should be with you.”

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The Action Steps

Angelica’s simple formula:

  1. Listen Compassionately: engage with others but without an agenda; leave your own projected outcomes and fears out of the conversation and simply be present to what the other person is experiencing without the need to judge or defend their thoughts
  2. Surrender: learn about the sweetness of surrender which does not mean that you give UP, but that you give OVER any problems or circumstances that you’re struggling to resolve to a power higher than yourself
  3. Trust: relax into a deep knowing that there are immeasurably powerful and benevolent forces at work in your life; believing that your needs will be met and that you are SAFE, even if you don’t know how it will all work out

Notable Quote

“The greatest cause of human suffering is from believing what others tell you. Our society is masterful at imposing shame on others. It is shame that keeps most people from reaching out when they need help.”                                                          – Angelica Christi

Recommended Resources

A Thousand Names For Joy by Byron Katie (audio book)

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