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How to Create Change Without Struggle featuring LeeAnn Gibbs [episode 33]

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Meet Our Featured Guest on Express Success Radio

LeeAnn Gibbs, Expert in Learning Partnerships

LeeAnn Gibbs, Expert in Learning Partnerships

LeeAnn Gibbs is a speaker, author, coach, trainer, and facilitator as well as an ordained minister. She combines her degree in Education with a masters degree in Applied Behavioral Science to work with organizations to developing Learning Partnerships℠ in Education. LeeAnn is powerful facilitator whether she’s hosting corporate Retreats, Personal Development instensives or Feminine Leadership Development.

The Breakdown

As LeeAnn’s mother gradually declined in health, she was faced with a tough decision. Either she could put her mother into a nursing facility or she could step away from her business and provide her mother with the full-time care she required.

The care-giving process was far more demanding than she could have imagined and yet the experience allowed LeeAnn to truly know her mother at a deeper level than ever before. As the illness progressed into hospice care, LeeAnn found it impossible to continue her usual professional efforts or to earn money. Following her mother’s passing, LeeAnn discovered that she had no alternative but to proceed with bankruptcy.

The Breakthrough

Through this experience, LeeAnn was able to redefine success beyond her financial situation. She got very clear that success, for her, was an internal and private matter of whether or not she had “hit the target” or the goal she’d created toward her own growth. She came to understand that her success has nothing to do with anyone else’s definition, but only what she values in life.

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She also realized that failure has nothing to do with comparing her circumstances against other people’s circumstances. She came to realize that she had absolutely succeeded in fulfilling the commitment she’d made to her mother; in the process, healing her relationship with her mother and freeing herself to make powerful new choices that previously, she would not have been able to make.

The Action Steps

LeeAnn’s experience of deep transition afforded some key lessons we can all benefit from:

1. Be Open to Mystery: Receiving your good can take so much longer than the amount of time you plan for it to take. Knowing you cannot force it into being, you have an important opportunity to trust and allow LIFE to deliver what you seek in unexpected and delightful ways.

2. Be In Curiosity: Releasing our attachment to specific outcomes makes it possible to remain curious about what our circumstances want us to know about ourselves and our potential. Each of us can choose to acknowledge that everything in our lives has its own consciousness, wisdom and time frame.

3. Release Poverty Consciousness: Constant activity and doubt are manifestatations of scarcity thinking. Ask yourself “What could become possible if I just relaxed, listened to the quiet hints being offered to my awareness, and then followed these insights that guide me through change?”

How to Navigate Change without Struggle

  1. Give up the idea that you have to manage any sort of expectation, whether it’s your own or someone else’s
  2. Be absolutely UN-willing to believe other people’s projections and just regard their opinion’s as “interesting information”
  3. Stop judging yourself and simply know that a transition is just a transition, not something needing to be labeled as good or bad
  4. Avoid the need to make meaning of your situation (just because you encounter a storm, it doesn’t predict your future outcome)
  5. Be tenacious because most people give up just before a significant break through is about to occur for them… be loyal to YOU!
  6. Decide you’ll no longer look for the problems in your life and ask “What’s possible for me?” and then be present to the journey
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Notable Quotes

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”      – Joseph Campbell

Recommended Resources

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