What is the antidote to fear? with Mark Yeoell [eps 37] | Joyanne Sloan
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What is the antidote to fear? with Mark Yeoell [eps 37]

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Meet Our Featured Guest on Express Success Radio

Mark Yeoell- Global Integrity Leadership Group

Mark Yeoell- Global Integrity Leadership Group

Mark Yeoell is the Founder of the Global Integrity Leadership Group which allows him to demonstrate his passion for the evolution of human consciousness.

Mark has over 35 years of hands-on experience as a leader, trainer and corporate executive helping clients to bridge their inner and outer worlds and finally connect their intentions to their desired outcomes.

The Breakdown

After 15 years spent living in and working to lead an ashram, Mark realized he was no longer aligned with the direction it was taking. During this time, he’d been deeply engaged in a life of daily yoga practice and service to his community.

Part of living as a yogi included a vow of simplicity which meant that, despite working tirelessly, Mark did not earn an income for his efforts. With a pregnant wife who now wanted to raise their child outside of the ashram, Mark found himself needing to start over with nothing.

The Breakthrough

Mark had an epiphany one day while delivering a speech to the staff of the ashram when realized he had absolutely no interest in creating the vision for the future he had just delivered in his speech. Mark happened to meet a man who ran a business that helped other businesses to grow.

This man wanted to expand his services and ended up making Mark an employment offer he couldn’t refuse. Despite that he was not guaranteed any income, Mark jumped at the opportunity to put his business skills into practice in the commercial world. He took a massive but calculated leap of faith. Ultimately, his decision to MAKE a decision, allowed new possibilities to align with his intention for a new life for him self, his wife and their new son.

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The Action Steps

With no direct experience working as a consultant, Mark experienced deep anxiety each time he was asked to step in front of his executive clients and provide them with guidance. He discovered that “Action is the antidote to fear” and with consistent practice, Mark found a reliable way to overcome any fear he was experiencing:

1. Engage the Energy & Get Moving: Mark vigorously moves his body to quickly dissipate fear and anxiety. He uses motion, jumping and various power positions to bring his mind into alignment with his body. The end result of engaging in conscious activity is that you can begin to flood your body with natural “feel good” chemicals such as dopamine.

2. Control and Refocus Your Mind: Once you have successfully interrupted negative or fearful thoughts with physical activity, you can shift your thinking away from being problem-focused to results-focused. The best way to stop the anxiety cycle is to concentrate on whatever it is that you wish to create.

3. Uplift & Enliven the Spirit: Mark suggests that you find a way to make yourself feel better immediately and consistently. For him, music can reliably put him into a more peaceful and joyful mindset. Sometimes a change of environment such as walking in a garden or on the beach can do wonders to shift your perspective and lift you up.

Over time, his confidence in himself grew and ultimately, he understood that the core value of what he does is to help his clients listens to themselves and their employees more effectively. This deep level of listening consistently resulted in the businesses having increased productively and profitability.

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Notable Quotes

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”      – Winston Churchill

Recommended Resources

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

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Click here to go to Mark’s website: Global Integrity Leadership Group

Connect with Mark by phone at 206.436.2706

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