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Your Freedom Is Everything

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Is there ANYthing more important than YOUR freedom?

Seriously, freedom is beyond IMPORTANT and it’s intensely personal too. Most people walk around, going through the motions, keeping quiet about how if feels to not be truly free.

And if they do that long enough, they may become resigned to the idea that “that’s just how it is”.

BUT, it doesn’t have to be like that! You can just as easily use your imagination to design life on YOUR terms.

When was the last time you really gave yourself permission to dream?

Of course, it’s not enough to just dream a dream. For it to become your new reality, it’s going to take some focused action. Step by step, through intention and effort, your dreams begin to materialize.

It really is that SIMPLE. But as you know, simple isn’t the same thing as easy.

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So let’s talk about freedom because (for me) it’s the thing I value above most anything else.

I hold dear the fact that I can be at home for my children, take them to and from school and deal with the constant holidays and school closures that make our schedule erratic.

You see, my mom was also a single parent but her job meant that I spent looooooooongg hours alone after school. Sometimes she worked two and three jobs at a time which meant even more time by myself.

I HATED the loneliness of that but was powerless to change it as a kid. I vowed that if I was ever a mother, I would not put my children in the same predicament.

Freedom means different things to each of us and can take so many forms: freedom to do meaningful work, freedom from physical or emotional pain, and freedom from worrying about money.

So if you want to finally be free to live life as you imagine it can be, then please keep reading all that I’ve written especially for you (actually it’s a message in three parts so keep your eyes open for more emails from me tomorrow and the next day).

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This is Joyanne, a real person (not some robot) putting a lot of loving intention into this because you experiencing true freedom matters that much to me.

I’m the real deal… and you can reply back to this message and we’ll keep this conversation going. Try me 🙂

I’ve lived without freedom and I knew that it was TOTALLY unsustainable, undesirable and so I broke free from my circumstances one day at a time.

I’m going to write to you in a way that gets at the absolute truth of freedom and what it’s worth to you to have it… once and for all in a way that lasts and feels even better than you ever imagined.

Freedom is something we ALL want instinctively and yet, as you’ve probably discovered, freedom is a privilege not a right.

The more I listen to the news, the more astonishing it is that somehow in the United States, our stock market is setting new record highs week after week and yet personal debt is at an all-time high as well… totaling almost $13 trillion.

Most of that is credit card debt which people struggle to pay off because of high interest rates that keep them treading water in an endless cycle of debt regardless of how hard they work.

Been there, done that.

Isn’t it totally bizarre and perplexing and frustrating?

How can anyone actually feel free with that going on? If you’re feeling a deep lack of freedom then you’re certainly not alone.

That lack of freedom is called all sorts of things from “being stuck” to feeling trapped or imprisoned. The truth is that almost none of us are actually trapped but is sure can FEEL that way…

Do you feel a lack of freedom in any of these ways?

  • Having to drag yourself out of bed, exhausted each morning and grab your place in traffic on your way to a job that drains you day after day?
  • Struggling to move forward toward your dreams based on your fear of failure and the nagging voice that reminds you of everything that didn’t work out in the past?
  • Feeling a burning sensation in your body when your boss treats you in a way designed to remind you of who signs your paycheck?
  • Enduring the emptiness of a personal relationship that leaves you feeling totally alone even when you’re together… a relationship you’d probably leave if you could afford to?
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If you’re still reading this then chances are I’ve triggered something deep within you that knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

The truth is undeniable when you see it.

I know the profoundly limiting thought that you cannot trust yourself and that doing so would lead to even greater loss and suffering.

Such a thought will keep you exactly in the circumstances that feel so so bad even if it seems “safe” to remain right where you are.

How do I know? Because I’ve lived all of this and much worse. It’s like being in jail even though you’ve committed no crime at all.

But I fought my way out of it and I vowed that, once I broke free from my circumstances, I would NEVER knowingly allow anyone else live that way if they have the desire and motivation to change their life.

Building your own business or source of income is the #1 way I know to create the FREEDOM you seek and deserve.

It happened for a woman named Linda, who lives a few hours away from me. She and I met a few years ago and she started following my trainings and coaching programs because (as she used to tell me repeatedly) “I’m not good with computers”.

At the bottom of this message, I’ve included a free link to a 20 minute session that I did with Linda online to help her increase revenue for her husband’s business. Feel free to use this video training to help yourself and others!

Linda is one of those human beings with a heart of GOLD. She is smart and sweet and makes me laugh.

But when I first met her, she was also really frustrated by spending money on other marketing programs she couldn’t complete because she would get stuck trying to set it all up.

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She didn’t allow herself to become discouraged so she kept on trying and implementing what I showed her and her confidence grew and grew.

This week she wanted some coaching from me so she could help her artist husband sell his handmade pottery DIRECTLY from his website. She had tried to figure it out on her own but was going in circles until she asked for my help.

While helping Linda one-on-one, I was lucky enough to capture HER moment of empowerment… the seconds when new understanding happened, and now that she had this new comprehension and skillset, it’s hers FOREVER.

Seeing what she has done ON HER OWN impresses me absolutely because it was previously beyond what she believed she could accomplish. These are the experiences that light me up inside!
It’s pretty incredible to actually see someone undergo that transformation because it becomes WHO they ARE on a cellular level and you know that there is NO going backwards… EVER.

No one can take that away from her. And no one can take that away from YOU either once it’s yours!

When I asked her permission to share this video with you she was totally enthusiastic. She even wrote about our session “I had fun too and did a happy dance when we finished” 🙂

Watch and learn how Linda can now make unlimited sales from the website she built for her husband (without having to buy or learn how to use complicated software or having to know any special code).

Watch this free video now and use this same method to SELL MORE of your own products and services!

She’s applying this to help her husband grow his business by increasing his online sales instead of taking orders by phone or having to go to trade shows. It’s something she never thought she could do but then, she did it!

Linda changed her life and her husband’s life, expanding their family income and changing their world in the process. HOW BEAUTIFUL!

Tomorrow, I’m going to show you what she did to make her dreams become a reality. Stay tuned…

All my best,
Joyanne ♥

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Do You Want to Build Your Brand or Business? Learn How-To Design Your Own Wordpress Website In My 60-Minute Free Online Training!

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