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What is YOUR legacy?

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I’m following up on my three-part message to you about creating real FREEDOM, forever freedom, feels-AMAZING kinda freedom. This kind of freedom means you can begin to create a legacy of love if you so choose.

Yesterday I introduced you to Linda and shared a quick training video I made with her showing you step-by-step how to use PayPal to turn any website into an e-commerce site within minutes.

If you missed that message or free video you can find it here:

By now you have a better idea of what I do and why I do it. I’m here to tell you that there are few things I’ve ever found more satisfying than helping good people create new possibilities for themselves; watching them suddenly see what they’re capable of like never before.

To me this work of mine epitomizes empowerment which is far more valuable than money alone (in fact it’s invaluable).

I’ve been around the Internet marketing industry long enough to get really sick and tired of hearing the gurus go on and on about the oodles of money they’re making while they sleep.

The God’s honest truth is that most of the stories you hear about wild success aren’t true. What happens more often than not is that people buy into the hype, never finish the program and never earn back even one dollar much less the money they paid for the program in the first place.

You will NEVER hear me making exaggerated claims… it’s just not who I am. And I actually respect your intelligence enough to believe that you know the hype is largely just B.S.

What I do believe in is teaching people (through hands-on doing) how to make a living and sustain themselves financially with work that actually means something to them.

I call it being and doing what you LOVE.

At the end of the day, I think that’s pretty darn sexy even if it’s not full of glitz and glamour.

But, I do like to share stories of people who have followed my work and taken my programs to the point where they see themselves differently now because they’re achieving what they thought was impossible.

For lots of folks, having an additional income stream is important and later I want to talk about a program I developed specifically for that purpose.

It’s the only website training of its kind that’s 100% designed to teach average people the Top 6 ways to actually earn money with their website(and how to build the website themselves from start to finish).

And I don’t just teach the strategies, I show you every click and setting and configuration you need to do all of the tactical implementation without hiring a geek.

And while I’m on the subject, I’ve just touched on perhaps the biggest pitfall that beginning marketers make.

They jump into something with both feet not realizing that they were going to have to spend so much time and money before they ever made any back.

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They blew their budget on some program and had nothing left over when it came time to run an ad or otherwise get people to actually see what they had created or wanted to sell. It’s sad but true and it happens all the time… and maybe it’s even happened to you.

And that’s exactly why I had to create this program for myself first because it simply didn’t exist out there. I had to learn all of it FIRST before I could teach YOU and that process took me about 7 or 8 years… I wish I were kidding about that 🙂

There is no system or bazillionaire blueprint that can replace you having your own website and your own mailing list and your own business (and control over it all).

And not just control but the ability to actually push the buttons and make the machine run without paying someone to do it for you.

Please tell me, is there any greater kind of freedom and independence than that?

But there’s something more to having a website then turning it into a business. There’s something called a legacy which matters more and more as we we realize how very limited our time on Earth is.

My 50th birthday is coming up in a few months and it’s hard to believe really. It’s been quite a ride :-). Last year on my birthday, my mother passed away after valiantly fighting stage 4 cancer of the lymphatic system for many months.

Up until the very end of her life she was still in denial and still confused about why she didn’t have more time to do “her work”. My mother had so many gifts that were not received in the world the way she would have liked.

It’s not that she wasn’t recognized or appreciated for who she was and her many talents. It’s just that she was essentially unknown because she didn’t know how to put herself “out there” into the digital world.

Does this sound familiar?

My mom and millions of people are leaving this planet with their most precious jewels buried deep inside of them.

I simply cannot stand by and watch that continue to happen so I’ve done my utmost, and even worked to the point of tears, to put it all together for you into the best work of my entire career.

Each and every one of you has rich life experience to share. This wisdom you accrue day by day has a REAL value to others.

Even if you’ve still got a lot of growing to do, rest assured that there is someone somewhere on their path who would benefit from knowing what you know now (that you wished you’d known back then).

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There are people out there who will be suffering needlessly for a lack of education. And while there is more information online than anyone can even calculate, it is NOT the same thing as WISDOM.

Your wisdom has the potential to change lives if your are ready to share it once and for all.

I try not to be judgmental person but in my opinion, keeping what you know to yourself is so terribly wrong. But, if you have your OWN website (your own personal domain), then you have a powerful platform from which to share your message.

Share your own form of healing that the world needs so desperately.

I could not be more serious about that. While countless millions of dollars will be spent fighting the war on drugs and drug production, thousands of lives will end in all kinds of ways including the epidemic of opioid abuse and overdose.

People are human, deeply human and that causes them to feel things they would rather not feel.

Instead of learning to numb ourselves with an endless offering of substances designed for that purpose, why are we not instead choosing to free ourselves, express ourselves, share ourselves, evolve ourselves and enrich ourselves through profound connection to other human beings???

That connection is life-giving and I bet you already knew that.

And I’m sure you also know that such communion with another living soul is what I mean when I say there are things are far more valuable than money.

At the same time we all have practical considerations like paying rent, feeding our family and keeping on top of our bills.

So after years and years of learning how to be truly independent and to make my living without the traditional “job”, I decided to put everything I knew that was relevant into one single program.

The program has three parts and all of the parts are important:
PART 1: Get paid to change the world with WordPress Business Builder

WordPress is the leading website program in the world. It has a real learning curve and yet it’s designed for those who aren’t technically savvy to build a website on their own.

WordPress is powerful beyond measure and can be modified and customized to adapt to any situation or need. That’s simply not true of most website solutions out there.

In my six-week website training program I not only give you detailed video tutorials showing you exactly what to do, I also include over two decades of my experience in all aspects of marketing.

This program I created represents a dozen years of WordPress experience, 25 years in marketing and thousands of hours of work to put together.

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It’s the only training of its kind on the planet that actually lets you build a website that you know how to earn money with after just six short weeks.

My program includes over a dozen bonuses and by the end of it you will know more than most webmasters out there. In fact you would know enough to be your own webmaster and hire yourself out to build profitable websites for others, just like Linda did.

Linda, who you met yesterday, was one of the first students to complete my program and as you saw for yourself in the video I shared, she is totally on fire about what is now available to her, what she can do that was entirely beyond her grasp before.

PART 2: My ‘Get Paid to Change the World’ private Facebook group

Unlike other gurus who give you a strategy (but forget to teach you all the tactical details of how to implement their strategy), I actually take you full circle, by the hand and walk beside you until you know you’ve GOT THIS.

While my WordPress Business Builder program includes over 10 hours of high definition video training, I know you will have more questions still. The nature of questions is that once you answer them, they tend to beget more questions!

That’s why I bundle my program with a full year of support in my Facebook group where I hold interactive “office hours” using the Facebook live platform. I don’t believe in abandoning people before they’ve reached the finish line.

I’ll help you with clicking the right buttons and avoiding the jagged cliffs of business development all while instilling in you the confidence that you can follow my lead, watch what I do and LEARN.

PART 3: A special bonus that you will have to wait and find out about…TOMORROW.

Let me just say in closing that this bonus is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It’s personal. It’s powerful. And it’s valuable like you won’t believe (until you see it!)

Because this SECRET bonus is so valuable, I’m going to have to set a time limit of 48 hours and after that I won’t be able to offer it anymore. That’s not some scarcity tactic… it’s just that my bonus includes me spending a LOT of extra time with you personally and I only have so many hours in the day.

I’m only offering this bonus to my subscribers (that’s you) and as you’ll see, it’s not even mentioned on my program page.

But for now, I’m just want you to go and take a look at my program. Watch the video and scroll down through all the incredible bonuses and

Do You Want to Build Your Brand or Business? Learn How-To Design Your Own Wordpress Website In My 60-Minute Free Online Training!

Do You Want to Build Your Brand or Business? Learn How-To Design Your Own Wordpress Website In My 60-Minute Free Online Training!

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