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YES you can get great results in just 7 days

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Joyanne Sloan

by Joyanne Sloan

My fingers are crossed that by now, you’re well into reading my Fountain of Youth report and that you’re not only learning some very powerful and new information, but that you’re also beginning to take some of the action steps I’ve outlined for you.

However, if your life is getting in the way of getting through my report, then please just focus on the first few pages where I give you the Rapid Results. Those are a few quick and easy changes you can make to start feeling better TODAY.

To encourage you, let me share what I experienced on my first seven days following a pH balanced diet.

First Seven Days:

What I Achieved with a pH Balanced Diet

  • I lost 4 pounds effortlessly (meaning I was so busy working I didn’t have time for exercise that week)
  • My pants started fitting better, especially at the waist
  • I was able to get past 4 in the afternoon without caffeine… unheard of!
  • My urge to snack between meals disappeared which I’m sure positively contributed to my overall weight loss
  • My usual sugar cravings were gone in less than 48 hours (miraculously, when a colleague of mine left an entire plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies on the credenza behind me, I felt no temptation to eat them!)
  • My skin was much softer and I noticed that my nose didn’t seem as oily in the morning or afternoon
  • I felt good all over like there was peace inside of my body instead of feeling kind of puffy, sick, tired and gross
  • My body no longer felt exhausted even after a long, high-output day where I’d be busy for 12 hours straight with just a short break for lunch
  • I noticed that I was feeling more positive during meals, feeling more present to the flavor and experience of the food rather than feeling anxious about eating
  • I also felt that this new way of eating, while very different for me, was truly doable, sustainable and reliable (meaning I could come back to it again and again to get my needs met)
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So in just seven days I had both remarkable mental changes as well as physical changes in my body by decreasing my intake of acid-forming foods, and instead, eating foods that were far more nourishing to my life.

Last but not least, a skin infection on my right shin (which I think was probably eczema) finally stopped feeling so itchy, inflamed and red. After my first 14 days on the pH eating plan, my leg was finally healing up after having bothered me for the previous six months. Finally, instead of all the topical remedies I had been trying to stopthe infection and repair the skin, I finally took the opposite approach and healed myself from the inside out!

Please take these results as they are intended, as great inspiration for what you can expect with your own results… and above all GET STARTED! I can hardly wait to hear how much better YOU feel after your first seven days.

Feeling stuck? Mr. Awesome himself Brendon Burchard will inspire you to BEGIN where you are and leave perfection behind!

Kindly share your thoughts and experiences in the comments box below 🙂


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