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My most powerful tip for getting results

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Joyanne Sloan

by Joyanne Sloan

So you’re looking for some REAL results are you? Perfect!

You’re in the right place.

Let me start by saying this: CHANGE IS HARD
It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to stop smoking, begin a new career, or finally get really healthy.

If it were easy, we’d all have the exact life we imagine for ourselves.

Getting results doesn’t need to be a struggle however. I’m of the opinion that, if you’re struggling, it’s because you’re working against the natural flow of things or because you’re trying to affect change all by yourself.

That’s where I come in 😉

So let me tell you my most powerful tip for getting results that last. Why should you know and understand this now? Because as you read through my free report, it might seem like a pretty radical departure from the way you’re currently eating.

Don’t let that stop you. To change your results, we’ll begin by simply changing your mind, and new outcomes will naturally follow! What I am saying to you is that your perspective is EVERYTHING. So, let’s work on an important perspective shift as it relates to your diet, your weight and health.

Getting rid of unwanted fat, cholesterol, high blood pressure and lots of other symptoms is not about getting rid of “bad food”. Food is good and food is essential to life. Countless millions of men (and especially women) experience huge anxiety about food.

It’s amazing to go to a gathering of women and watch an entire room of them say” No” to a plate full of something sweet or rich as it gets passed around the room. No one wants to be seen as indulgent in a setting of their peers. Yet most of them are likely eating the very foods they previously turned down when they’re alone at home.

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If that scenario seems at all familiar to you, then I want you to begin thinking about your desire to look and feel great as one that is 100% dependent upon you having a healthy RELATIONSHIP with food.

In order to do that, please consider for a moment thatm instead of having to stop eating the foods you love, you can gradually DISPLACE the unhealthful foods with ones that have far more to contribute to your life.

Displace means ‘to take over the place, position, or role of something’.

Let me give you an example.
Here’s an amazing set of recipes for guilt-free desserts by author Kelley Herring. She uses her own “Sweet Science of Metabolic Power Ingredients” to create the world’s healthiest desserts. Again, it’s not that you’re never going to have dessert for the rest of your life, it’s that you’re going to find a healthier alternative to the kind of sweets you might currently be eating…

Check out Kelley’s healthy dessert cookbook and her fit, beautiful body too!

Click Here>>

Here’s my own personal example:
When I started following an alkaline diet, I was worried about not being able to enjoy my favorite foods. One of the food groups I ate a lot was dairy. I loved Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, Havarti cheese, cream cheese… are you seeing a theme here?

I really couldn’t imagine myself no longer having dairy in my life but I now understood that the lactose in milk was keeping me sick by feeding the microorganism candida throughout my body. And if you know anything about candida, you know it produces a waste product that is toxic and literally makes you feel sick all over. Tens of millions of people in our country have a high growth of Candida in their bodies but they still don’t know why they feel so bad.

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So I decided to replace cows milk with soy milk. and I even found a cheese in the health food section that is made out of almonds ( and it actually looks and tastes like cheddar cheese!)

In the process of making this one small change I discovered how EASY it was and how much BETTER I felt. And you can bet that when I started feeling better, that was all the motivation I needed to make that healthier choice over and over.

A new choice made repeatedly eventually creates a new habit that DISPLACES the old habit.

Here’s a nutritional breakdown of four different kinds of milk… you can see for yourself what a very healthy alternative it is to switch to soymilk instead of cows milk. The following comparison chart includes three milk alternatives, all of which are the unsweetened variety.

Serving: 1 cup

Cows Milk: 2%


Coconut Milk

Almond Milk



























So why not try soymilk for just 1 week and let me know how you feel in the comments box below? By the way, Kelley will also show you some amazing natural sweeteners, and gluten-free flours for healthy baking.

Yummy and healthy dessert recipes here>>

Thank you in advance for sharing this message to your friends and family.
I appreciate the difference YOU make!

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