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Could a movie save your life?

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Joyanne Sloan

by Joyanne Sloan

Could a movie save your life? In a word, YES.
Recently I became a member of Netflix so I could watch movies with my kids. We don’t have cable or watch TV, so movies have become a fun way to gather with my family.

One of the best features of their service, aside from having no commercials (I love that), is the way Netflix finds and recommends movies for you. So the other day I happened across a film that I really want to share with you not just because it will open your mind, or shift your thinking, but because it has the potential to save The life of someone you love… including you!

It was one of those films that will make you smarter which, to my way of thinking, makes you more powerful. I guess you could call it a documentary of sorts but don’t think that makes it the least bit boring. I assure you it was absolutely engaging on every level. Does it get any more dramatic than life and death plots?

One of the reasons I’m strongly encouraging you to watch this film is because the knowledge it imparts will shed much-needed light on the pervasive myths surrounding food and nutrition that we have been for decades; myths that serve to provide substantial profits to the beef and dairy industries.

The movie is called ‘For Over Knives’ and it does a fabulous job of illuminating the inherent health risks of consuming a diet high in animal fats and proteins.

I loved how much I learned about the benefits of a plant-based diet from the people participating in the film who undergo very dramatic transformations in their health and vitality. The other reason I’d like you to watch this is because the lifestyle it promotes is just like the diet I recommend in my Fountain of Youth report.

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Forks Over Knives is a great blend of science-based medical research and reality entertainment. It showed me that I had come to believe certain “facts” about food and nutrition that were not only untrue, but harmful to my health.

Here’s What you’ll discover when you watch Forks Over Knives:

  • You’ll finally understand why cancer and food are completely interrelated
  • You’ll discover how to protect yourself from the three biggest killers in the U.S.
  • You’ll be inspired by the transformative experience of real people whose lives are forever changed (and even saved) by switching to a plant-based diet

I even found you the movie trailer which you can watch below!

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