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Does Anyone Really Need a Coach?

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By Joyanne Sloan, Certified Coach

By Joyanne Sloan, Certified Coach

I’ve been looking forward to answering the question “Does anyone really need a coach?” because a majority of people don’t know what a coach does or how a coaching relationship can be of value.

So the short answer is NO.  You don’t really need a coach.  And yet there are many ways you can benefit from having a coach to help you transform the life you just live into a life you just love. The reason you don’t need a coach is that there’s nothing wrong with you.

Personal Coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching isn’t like therapy because we don’t spend time unearthing your past. Instead, a coach assists you in constructing your future.  In that way, therapy can be likened to archaeology and coaching can be likened to architecture.

As a personal potential coach, I don’t diagnose you, fix you or identify your problems.

I recognize you

Your self-limiting thoughts preclude you from realizing your inherent capacity and the subsequent joy that comes from expanding into the fullness of who you’ve always been.

How does a coach facilitate transformation?

A certified coach has received training in listening to you at the deepest level.  We listen not only to the words you speak, but also to the energy behind the words.  We’re taught to recognize patterns in what you say as well as to detect changes in tone, intensity, and emotion.

When we pick up on these subtle cues, we seize that moment to ask you an open-ended question.  A coach’s question provides an opportunity for you to examine the validity and origin of your thoughts.

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Here’s an example of what I mean:

During a recent coaching session, my client remarked that she couldn’t handle lots of money responsibly. She was expressing some unexamined fear that effectively prevented her from receiving her highest good.

My question to her was “When in your life did you have lots of money and not handle it well?”  To that she said “Well, when I was going through my divorce, I got into a lot of credit card debt.”  So I asked “So then you had to borrow money because you didn’t have enough to get you through that transition?” She replied “That’s true” and added “But I did spend a lot buying this house and going back to school.”

By the end of our exchange she’d recognized that she’d actually never had a lot of money in her life and had not actually been irresponsible with it. She’d had enough to support herself and her son, have a roof over their heads and keep them moving forward but she’d really never had much more than was necessary to meet her responsibilities.

I think my conversation with her illustrates the point that we all believe things about ourselves and our capabilities which really aren’t fact but fiction.

False beliefs about yourself come from many sources

Erroneous or limiting beliefs are the product of believing what others have said in judgment of you.  Typically, the person from whom you’re getting that message is someone close to you… someone whose opinion you trust as being “right” and do not question.

These beliefs can also come from somehow believing that you are your circumstances. They come from your own inner critic who, with practice, becomes very skilled at convincing you that your results are inadequate or that you are fundamentally unworthy of the real peace and joy you wish for.

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In the end, it’s about recognizing that the signs of success are merely the evidence we sometimes use to convince ourselves that WE are enough.  And more often than not, life’s trophies don’t replace the inherent wealth you create from within.  And that’s where the support of a coach really makes a difference!

How To Be What You Love

So the magic of coaching is the result of making a commitment to and investment in your self.  The reward of such a relationship is the return on investment you get by putting your human capital where it will pay the highest possible dividend.

I facilitate that by way of compassionate listening and reflecting back what I’ve heard in a way that allows you to see your beliefs as objectively as possible.

While you’ll always establish the agenda for the call and the action steps necessary to reaching your goal, I’ll be your accountability partner and hold that space for you to live into the most dynamic, powerful, electric, joyful and succulent life you’ve ever imagined!

Author C.S. Lewis once wrote:

“Make your choice, adventurous stranger: strike the bell and bide the danger

or wonder, till it drives you mad, what would have happened if you had…”

My 7-day challenge for you is to identify the biggest, hairiest, ugliest belief about yourself that stands in a way of your true glory.  Think of it as a troll who forbids you to cross the essential bridge to your true prosperity.  But don’t fear the troll. Learn its name, invite it to lunch, make friends with it, discover when and how it came into your life and by what means you’ve kept it alive.

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